About Jan Haedrich


Jan Haedrich prides herself on the philosophy "Only the Best in life will Do", because really... only the best will do.  Whether it be a diamond in the rough, a pretty little luxury or anything that tickles your fancy, Haedrich suavely created BUCKHEAD & COMPANY for the modern day sophisticate who has everything.  
"I love creating quality pieces of luxury that feel utilitarian yet are ultimately pretty and preppy." says Haedrich.
Like the qualities experienced with HERMES, LOUIS VUITTON and GOYARD, Haedrich has created a wardrobe staple that sits perfectly with any "heavyweight" brand. Each piece is hand finished and designed with a unique character and wit sure to give a smile to any admirer.  Haedrich designs from her estate on the Chatahoochee in Buckhead and tends to her designs around the world.   
BUCKHEAD & COMPANY is a proud new addition to The Queensly Group, LLC. Haedrich remains true to her inner style which has allowed her to create brands like My Flat in London, Save Kings Court, Queen & Country, and Cocoe & Company.